Silver Lining on the Cloud: Windows 8

What makes Windows 8 special; is not multitasking ability being granted to every end-user, there is a lot more to discover. Windows 8 has an Operating Environment flaunted by Microsoft for advanced usage on any kind of Computer: be it a laptop, a desktop, tablets, your home theater PC et al. Added benefits of Windows 8 are like an exquisite range of simplified, clean, informational Applications. Use these applications and get sensationalized! This also means faster Startup enabled, better Multiple-Monitor support, and Task manager with improved File Transferability. You will smile as bootstrap loading begins on your system, as Windows 8 gets loaded quickly as it has a lesser Start-Up time.


You will feel elated when you see the Notification Area, the clock and other features that make Windows 8 a modern Next Gen tool crafted for anyone who wants to make use of all kinds of Applications. You can take a glance at the Help pages for offline help and Microsoft portal for online support. Hey! It’s like saying, “More cheese on my platter please!” and getting your mouthful. Yummy, isn’t it? Now for the Hardware part. Windows 8 adds native support for USB 3.0 devices, which makes allowance for faster data transfers and improved Power Management with compatible devices, along with support for on-field and inter-device communication.


Did you know that Windows 8 has now been renamed as File Explorer; that now has a ribbon in place of the usual Command Bar?  File operation dialog boxes have been updated to provide more detailed statistics, the capability to pause file transfers, and improvements in the ability to manage conflicts while copying files. ‘File History’ function allows file revisions incrementally,     allowing backup and restore functions from a secondary storage device. Storage Spaces allow users to combine hard disks of different sizes combining as Virtual drives.

Task Manager has been newly designed; it now includes a new processes tab with an option to display fewer or more details of running applications and background processes. The inclusion of heat map using different colors indicating the level of resource usage, network and disk counters, grouping by process type, friendly names for processes and a new option which allows users to search the web to find information about obscure processes. Also, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) has been eliminated to prevent the occurrence of fatal errors leading to operating System Re-Install (OSRI).
Viola! Windows 8 also adds an integrated Airplane mode setting to globally disable Wireless connectivity. Additionally, Security Encryption features in Windows 8 include two new authentication methods using touch screens: Anti- Virus and Windows Defender.


Apart from the complete removal of the Start menu, several features like support for playing DVDs and Netflix have been removed. Windows Media Center will no longer be included by Windows 8, but this feature can now be bought through “Pro Pack”.

Windows 8 has arrived at a time when more and more people are getting to know and use Windows. No doubt, you can make use of your fertile brain using Windows 8 as an essential part of your infrastructure to earn online. With Windows 8, there is opportunity galore. Use Windows 8 to find yourself saying this, “This is my piece of pit’za and I’m loving it!”

3 Advantages of Blade Servers

Not the newest thing on the market, but new in its sudden rise in popularity, blade servers are very easily considered to be the wave of the future by many IT companies. Because so much of American work is outsourced now, whether for better or for worse, computers are used more for business than nearly anything else. This results in a very large and prominent amount of power usage, and for some, it can have scary effects beyond a simple rise in energy bills, such as the damaging the earth. So if you are looking into more energy efficient means with which to power your computers, and ensure you are not causing any lasting damage anywhere, then you should know three of the most important pros of converting over to blade servers.


Because of their design, blade server computers allow you to use more power, with less space, than was ever possible before. This means that no longer do you need massive towers and machines to power your IT marketing company; you can make do with far less equipment, and far less bulk, quite easily. It also means that you can house multiple servers through one single unit, or “cabinet,” and data and other such things take up far less space as well. Having a condensed design, these units are also prone to heating issues, so it is important that if you get any blade servers, you use them in well-ventilated areas to prevent them shorting out.


Energy bills can be astronomical for any who house too much equipment in a single place. Even if you break up your technology and house it in different locations, you are still looking at the same amount of power consumption, a massive amount that will wreak havoc on your energy bills. Blade server computers simply cost less to run. They are more energy efficient because they use less power and space to do the things that other technology needs twice or even five times the amount of room to perform. Thus, with blade servers, you will find that your energy bills take a very positive dip and that you no longer need to worry about running them up so much.


Traditional servers can cost a very high amount to manage. The problem is that this is something you cannot have much of an impact on; no matter what, your server needs to be managed. Blade server cost less to manage. Thus, it is another way that you will be able to save your company money. That money can be used to invest in things that your business is in need of, such as upgrades. And while we said three, a fourth big plus of blade servers goes hand in hand with this; they are extremely simple to upgrade, and do not require any additional managing costs after they have been upgraded, regardless!